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The Schmidt Report

a Practitioner's Tool to Understanding the Markets.  

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What it is.

The Schmidt Report is a deeply comprehensive 300+ page guide to national, State-level, and regional macroeconomic and financial market conditions, Central Florida real estate market conditions, and local sub-market real estate activity.  

This proprietary data set is utilized by local and State-level business leaders, economic advisors, and real estate developers and investors.

Stockworth's practitioners reap the benefits of early release updates, Stockworth-only data analytics, and in-house interpretative summaries of complex information.    


How it Started.

In 2013, as Central Florida's real estate market began to significantly rebound from the 2008 financial crisis, it became clear that real-time and actionable market data beyond what is traditionally available to real estate practitioners would be required for proper assessment of the new and rapidly changing market.

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The Schmidt Report


The Schmidt Report is proprietary intellectual property and work product to Stockworth, its subsidiaries, affiliates, and partners.

Standards for qualification are limited to those selected by Stockworth as being industry practitioners, Stockworth clientele, and relevant business affiliates.

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