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Stockworth Property Management

Stockworth Management specializes in tenant procurement and property management services for your investment property. 

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Our clients trust our concierge-approach to service for finding and screening only the best tenants, supervising the proper care and management for their homes, serving as their ongoing tenant liaison and collecting the rent on time. 

Rental Analysis

Homeowners are often unclear on how much rent to expect and how quickly they will find a qualified tenant. Our team of experienced real estate agents and property managers will help evaluate your property’s income potential and will begin working right away to find a tenant who is a great match for your home.

Tenant Screening

We do not simply rent to the first people who call. Instead, we spend time with interested prospects, showing them the property, asking questions and getting to know them. We have a thorough application process and run extensive background and credit checks before presenting a tenant to the homeowners.

Repairs & Maintenance

We do not just respond to emergencies as they arise, we work with homeowners and tenants to keep properties well-maintained throughout our time of service. We carefully coach tenants on their role in caring for your home and provide seasonal inspections to confirm all is in order before a problem arises.


About Stockworth Management

Overview of Services

Stockworth Management offers concierge property management services. Our clients trust us to find and screen only the best tenants, supervise the proper caring and management for their homes and serve as their ongoing tenant liaison. In essence, you place your home in our hands and we will care for it like it is our own. And, when you are ready to sell, you will have access to our world-class team of agents. Mark Hayes, owner of Stockworth™, has been selling, managing and renting properties since 1985. Under his leadership, Stockworth Management has the experience, the team and the systems in place to care for your property the way you would. Now you can hand over all the stressful and time-consuming responsibilities that come with being a landlord and trust us to handle everything while your property generates income. This is our expertise and we look forward to serving you!


Tenant Procurement

Stockworth Management can assist landlords in finding the right tenants for their property. Not only do we use an aggressive marketing approach to fill your vacancy quickly, we also use proven tactics for screening candidates. 

Tenant Procurement Services

We provide the services below for the first month's rent:
  • Your property will be listed on the MLS with professional-grade photography and promoted on hundreds of websites as well as multiple social media channels. 
  • We will alert our vast network of realtors about your property and provide them with a financial incentive to help us find the right tenant.
  • We remain on-call throughout the week (morning and night, weekdays and weekends) to coordinate showings and to respond to inquiries about the property.
  • We interview potential candidates, have them fill out a thorough application and run them through a full background and credit check. We also investigate their employment and rental histories as well. 
  • Based on the information collected, we then provide recommendations to you about accepting or passing on the applicant.
  • We facilitate the execution of the lease and the collection of funds due to the landlord.
  • Finally, should you opt to list and sell your home with Stockworth Realty at the conclusion of the lease, we will provide a refund for the tenant procurement fee we collected!


Meet The Stockworth Management Team

Interested in Joining Our Team?

Stockworth is actively interviewing experienced real estate practitioners, support staff, and creative partners. 

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